God gave the author a vision in which she sees the Black nation in chains of bondage. Spanning sixteen years, "Spiritual Bipolar: God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above Your Head" expounds on the vision and answers the question of why slavery exists. The author’s Guide is Pharaoh Akhenaton. He tells her that He is her God; and He teaches her some life-changing lessons which, if proven true, will mean the end of all Abrahamic religions. The lessons are so mentally debilitating they cause the author to develop both bipolar and paranoid schizophrenia as she grapples with issues that God put forth, like: “Is the Bible a plagiarized version of ancient Egyptian books of truths?” and “Has Zeus/Jehovah succeeded in stealing the identity of the Egyptian God, Aten?” Sections titled “Dreams and Visions” and “Word Studies” are interwoven throughout the book to show the reader how the author interacts with Pharaoh Akhenaton to learn about The Aten. During the process, she uncovers even more mysteries like: “Saul-Paul of Tarsus is ‘the false-Prophet’ written about in Revelation 2:2,” and “The Crucifixion is ‘The Abomination of Desolation’ written about in the Books of Daniel and Matthew.” Based on these dreams and visions, the author shows why she inevitably accepts The Aten as her God over Jehovah. Strong’s Hebrew Concordance states “Jehovah” means “God of mischief,” which makes him the Beast; and under Abraham/Jehovah’s religions, the seed of Ham is doomed. God places the root cause of slavery on the biblical allegory of Noah’s curse against Canaan/Ham. Under that doctrine, the seed of Shem and Japheth are guaranteed the rights to continually enslave and or murder the seed of Ham. Aware of the fact that, after hearing from Pharaoh Akhenaton, anguish may crop up in the reader, the author tries to handle the sensitive issues of slavery, racism, and her need to convert in a non-accusative manner. Yet, Spiritual Bipolar is written from the perspective of one who learns from God that she is a Hamitic Egyptian and a modern-day slave in need of redemption. Destruction of Shem’s and Japheth’s monetary systems is her only means of activating God’s promise for deliverance from Noah’s Abrahamic bondage. Therefore, by the hand of God, the author learns to destroy all the currencies of the world; which in-turn begins the annihilation of Zeus/Jehovah’s kingdom on Earth. After coming to an understanding about the “curse of Ham,” the author again receives messages that teach her Jehovah and his sons have perfected the sciences of cloning via parthenogenesis and outer space travel via the Rapture theory. These are the sciences the Bible refers to when documenting the treacherous acts of the Beast (Jehovah/Zeus) that imitates The Lamb of God to deceive the world. Chaos is taking place because Jehovah and the nations that enslave the Hamitic people have declared war on The Aten, hoping to keep Him from liberating His redeemed. God causes the author to understand she is living in the Day of Judgment; if she fails to believe God or neglects to convert to Atenism, her race of people will be powerless to fight against the Beast and they will find themselves enslaved on planet Mars. In order to keep the author from alerting her race that captivity on Mars is imminent, using violent tactics, the Beast attempts to keep her in a state of paranoia. Whether asleep or awake, the Beast constantly attacks the author, and she must actively fight for her life in an alternate spirit-world. The Beast is subdued long enough for the author to complete her book of witness, Spiritual Bipolar: God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above Your Head. God will use the author’s testimony to teleport the reader into a spiritual journey wherein he or she must decide: Is Pharaoh Akhenaton teaching the author a truthful doctrine? Or, is her bout with mental illness trapping her inside a distorted reality that only she can see and hear?


276 pages

Spiritual Bipolar God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above You