Our Services


Tours must be booked on-line.  Payment must be made once an appointment is booked.  


Seniors-to-Youth Exchange

A senior will partner with a youth to share with him/her how the senior’s family overcame the African Holocaust and Diaspora.   The youth will capture the senior’s life-lesson on video to help the senior create a social media platform in which the seniors can share their narratives world-wide in a Store Core format. 

Youth will also teach seniors VR and other new age technologies.  Come on out and have some fun!   

Youth Chess & Senet

A chest room set up just for you to play African games like Senet and Mancala to become a better chess player.  Ages 11 and up.

100 Books 2B’Coming An Egyptian-Christian

Read an Egyptian book kept in our library and share what you learn with the community by hosting your very own Kemetic-themed lecture at The Mansion.  Good “Toast Masters-type” speaking opportunities for all, especially the children!

Growing Up Atenites

Parents bring your little ones to The Mansion for an hour of playtime while you read and research.  2DS with games, and Kids Kindle Fire on site. 

Green Room

Need a space to shoot a simple YouTube video—The Mansion got you covered!

God’s RIGHT NOW Radio

From Egypt 1375 BC to AD 2017 America, Let’s talk Kidnapping, Enslavement, Redemption, and Secundines. 

The Two-edged Sword

Genesis 2:7 says we are made from the “dust of the ground.”  The Hieroglyphics for “dust of the ground” is “aten.”  Hence, we are “Atenites.”  COME, learn another Two-edged Sword biblical retransliteration that will make you shout checkmate!