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In March of 1994, at an international community college in California, a White philosopher lectured that Black people “are” in captivity because we “are” the “Curse of Ham.”  I took the matter before The Throne of God.  As a result, I was shown in a vision on Azusa Street that, YES, we as Black people are in imminent danger of a third period of captivity.  The Spirit of God would not allow me to forget that ominous vision brought on by the philosopher’s discourse.  Here we are 23 years later, in 2017, God has shown me via The Holy Scripture that, YES, the Bible does indeed have a threefold curse of captivity cast upon the Black race.  Our history is fraught with enslavement…But we are “redeemed.”  Our story is the story of “Redemption.”  Our future is the promise of the “Second Coming (Secundines)” to set us free forevermore.   God commissioned me to write my experiences in books.  To date, I have five published books of witness.  They are available for sale at The Mansion.  

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