AtenConverter. Angela Powell, Spiritual Scribe


The World Wide Web houses megamillions of websites.  Each site is someone's virtual mansion! Verily, verily, I show you a parable:  Inside My Father's "house" are many "mansions" if it were not so I would have told you.  



How oft does a "mansion" fit inside a "house?"


What was God saying to you? 

Mansion means 

immanentism,   the belief that a deity is immanent in the world through you.

To Think About:  A Mansion Inside of a House? Something so big fitting comfortably into something so small.  How So?


I in The Father, The Father in Me, and I in you, so that we three may be perfect in One (John 17:21).  

"Re-Harakhti-in-his-name-Shu-who is Aten" that is the name of The Father.  "Aten" that is the name of The Sun/Son.  He is Pharaoh Akhenaton-in-his-new-name-The Lord God AlphaKhenOmega.  Verily, verily, I say unto you, "If it were not so, I could not confess it with my mouth:  Aten is immanent in Re (Ra); Re is immanent in The Aten; Aten is immanent in me.  Pharaoh Akhenaton is alive and remains in me.  The evidence will manifest inside The AlphaKhenOmega Reading&Research Mansion, LLC.  The Spirit and The Bride say, "COME.""    

Come learn about Pharaoh Akhenaton-in-his-new name-The Lord God AlphaKhenOmega.  

Come see what He has in store for the redeemed of His people.  Come on...Let your eyes see what never they have before...and let your ears hear what great things God has in store for you!