125 full-color pages of Scriptures with Hebrew/Greek etymological roots to show you that YES Jehovah and Abraham have a secret plan to enslave the seed of Ham a third time.  Enslavement happed to our people once in Egypt.  Enslavement happened to our people a second time, 1,300 years after the Crucifixion.  God asked the quesion:  If you were kidnapped and enslaved, why did I (God) die upon the Cross to set you free?  Answer God...and it could be He will show you how to avert Jehovah's third plot to enslave you-- this time on the planet Mars.  It sounds unbelievable; but think ahead to the year 2020-2050...NASA and her Elite 8 Starfleet Launchers are planning on colonizing Mars.  What role will you play, oh thou tiller of the ground?  

Jehovah and Abraham's Three-fold Curse of Captivity Cast Upon The Black Man