Jews of Revelation 3:9 have celebrated Passover and Easter for a long time.  They celebrate the 10 Plagues that they cast upon Egypt.  Please find listed below the real meaning behind the 10 Plagues:


  • Plauge 1:    Stoppage of Truth and Black Unity.
  • Plague 2:    Send out a furbished sword to continually war against the Black man.
  • Plague 3:    Superimpose a false-image of The Holy Ghost in the Black man’s mind.
  • Plague 4:    Sow sedition against the Kings of Africa so that in the future none will rule with true Power and Authority.
  • Plague 5:    Foreshadow the Death of Christ/Pharaoh and all who are Sons of God/Atenites.
  • Plague 6:    Establish perpetual bondage and slavery.
  • Plague 7:    Seize /SNATCH/Kidnap the Egyptian people; disperse them throughout the world; and make them homeless and fatherless so that they can never return to Egypt.
  • Plague 8:    The “Destroyer” army carrying a banner of the “White Dove” (Western World’s false image of The Holy Ghost) goes forth to kill, steal, and destroy all Egyptian (Black) people.
  • Plague 9:   Jehovah the God of mischief allots 400- years of slavery, to occur three times.
  • Plague 10:  Fulfillment of the Death and Destruction of Christ/Pharaoh/and all Atenites.


Let Truth reign.  For this Easter Season, I am commissioned to give you a book of witness titled, “Ten Plagues Placed on Egypt:  Murdering Our Godhead.”  Please, please, not only read it…intensely study the information.  It is imperative reading for Truth to reign!


Even though this is a celebratory season, the Book of Revelation says this is a time of WOE!

I pray that this wisdom enlightens us.  I pray this knowledge units us in solidarity and that it empowers us to break the curses that have been cast upon us.  I pray that The Spirit of The Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings moves on us to cause us to both understand Who He is and to make us to know that He is here RIGHT NOW.  We do not have to wait any longer for the Second Coming.  The Second Coming is now.  Let us ready ourselves.


107 full color pages; size 8 1/2 X 11; with study guide


10 Plagues Placed On Egypt: Murdering Our Godhead